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Autumn bliss: take advantage of’s exciting promotions brings you a harvest of exciting promotions that you will not want to miss. Get ready for a season filled with crypto rewards and opportunities: easily top up your balance with 0% fees, buy crypto for just $2 and get up to 65% APY on your assets with Earn.

Buy crypto with ease 💳

Experience the simplicity of buying crypto with our “Buy crypto” feature. Instantly purchase bitcoin, ether and other assets using your bank card, without the need to top up your balance. Whether you’re new to crypto or an experienced trader, buying cryptocurrencies has never been easier! Follow a few simple steps, and any asset of choice will appear in your balance within minutes. And what’s more – you can buy any crypto you like for just $2, which is less than the average price of a Big Mac at McDonald’s!

Buy crypto

0% fee on deposits 💸

Want to buy bitcoin with US dollars or euros? We offer you such an opportunity and even more! Top up your balance with EUR, USD or PLN, all with a 0% fee. Boost your balance, say goodbye to unnecessary fees and trade with confidence!

Top up balance

Up to 65% APY on stablecoins 💰

Indulge in the excitement of earning regular rewards with the Earn program. Start your Earn subscription with BTC, ETH, USDT or other assets and get a monthly yield of up to 17% APY. Seize the opportunity today and make the most of your crypto assets!

Are you a newcomer who registered on on or after 29th June 2023? Then hurry and take advantage of our special offer with a 65% APY! Start your Earn subscription with USDT, USDC or DAI to begin your journey to greater earnings. Your subscription activates instantly and lasts for 30 days. You can invest with a minimum limit of $200 per asset and a total cap of $1,000, but hurry – applications will no longer be accepted after reaching the $200,000 limit! Don’t miss this opportunity to maximise your crypto assets!

Start subscription

Wishing you a season of fruitful autumn trading!