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Earn program upgrade: new rates and periods are live!

We are excited to announce that the Earn program upgrade is finally here! You can now unlock new subscription periods and even better rates to maximise your earnings with your crypto holdings.

MANEKI, DOGE and XRP join Earn

We’ve expanded the selection of cryptocurrencies available for Earn. You can now earn interest on your holdings of Maneki (MANEKI), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ripple (XRP) alongside dozens of other coins.

More flexibility with new Earn periods

In addition to our existing 30-day subscription, you are now able to supply your assets for 60, 90 and even 180 days. The longer you commit, the higher your returns!

If you have an active subscription with an auto-renewal option, after the current 30-day period has finished, it will automatically adjust to new rates for 30-day Basic, Standard or Advanced subscription, respectively.

Even higher rates

For some cryptos like USDT and USDC, we’ve increased the rates even more than we initially announced. Check out the updated rates in the tables below 👇

Ready to start earning more? Head over to the Earn page now and explore the new options! For the Earn mobile version, please be sure to update your app first.

P.S. We apologise for any previous delays and inconvenience caused due to maintenance. We wanted to ensure everything ran smoothly for this exciting launch. Happy earning!

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