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‘Save Ukraine’ Relief Fund has raised another $594,000 and launched a website

Recently, the EXMO team launched the ‘Save Ukraine’ Relief Fund to raise funds for humanitarian aid.

Less than a week ago, we urgently created the ‘Save Ukraine’ humanitarian relief fund. Today, our fund already boasts a strong team of volunteers, its own website.

Official website of the relief fund and project involvement

We have launched a separate website for the ‘Save Ukraine’ Relief Fund. Here, you can learn more about the fund’s mission and find out what we are raising for and how you can get involved.

Go to the fund’s website

Everyone can contribute regardless of where they are located or what resources they possess. You can make a crypto-donation to the following wallets of the fund:

BTC: 3C2yg4ifKdcRmJbDWS16z8PBKzBKxyba3s

USDT ERC20: 0x1e80e3e89849a96c24a179f7e32aee83be7a0543

USDT TRC20: TLrtJmzvT9HmxBmw1gyMEckWnEyKokfqtT

ETH: 0x8b0fdffc6c607816550878c59464dd13b1558e48

More addresses

Save Ukraine Relief Fund results

Since almost a week that the fund has existed, we have managed to raise $1,594,000 for humanitarian needs. The EXMO exchange made a donation of $1 million, while another $594,000 was donated by our traders, partners and everyone who is willing to help.

The fund’s team consists of more than 25 volunteers from different cities and countries. Each of them leaves no stone unturned to provide aid and moral support.

For just six days since the creation of the fund, we have allocated more than $100,000 for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian people, which has included the following:

  • Organised civilian evacuations from Kyiv, Kharkiv and other affected cities of the country.
  • Provided evacuees from other cities with temporary housing both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Provided food for refugees at the Ukrainian border.
  • Donated funds to nursing homes, orphanages and local volunteer organisations for humanitarian needs.
  • Delivered medicines that are short in supply or not available in city pharmacies.
  • Delivered baby food, food packages and essentials to the elderly and those unable to afford to buy them themselves.
  • Offered financial assistance to families who have been forced to leave their homes but don’t have any means to evacuate and much more.

You can become a part of our ‘Save Ukraine’ Relief Fund as a volunteer or our partner. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]