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DogeCoin (DOGE) short info

It started as a harmless experiment, but the cryptocurrency created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts has managed to conquer the world. Today, Dogecoin is considered to be one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. All you need to know about DogeCoin collected on this page: Current Price, chart, trading signals.

DOGE (DogeCoin) price chart

DogeCoin pairs on EXMO

About DOGE Coin

The coin is based on the modified Litecoin protocol. Initially, DogeCoin copied the parent cryptocurrency in building a chain of blocks, confirming mining, and was a standard fork.

The main difference was the atypical attitude of the community towards it. Created as part of a meme related to a dog, it quickly gained popularity, and proved its worth.

Dogecoin’s turnover exceeded Bitcoin in 2013, before the serious development of Ethereum technology and smart contracts.

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Trading signals for DOGE (DogeCoin)