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Surf the ocean of crypto on EXMO

EXMO is a British cryptocurrency exchange established in 2014. With a focus on safety and transparency, we’re constantly adding and improving the trading experience.

Safety and reliability

Security is our priority. With two-factor authentication, identity verification and industry-leading wallet solutions, we detect any suspicious activities to keep your assets safe.

Trading on the go

User-friendly mobile app allows you to trade at any time. Trade easily, follow market movements in real time, and stay in the know with the latest crypto news.

Fair market price

On EXMO, you trade cryptocurrency with traders like you. Decide the price you wish to buy or sell at and place orders to connect with your peers.

Legal compliance

EXMO exchange operates under UK legislation with a temporary registration provided by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Multiple payment options to buy crypto

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What is an achievement?
This is the reward you receive for completing specific actions. Each achievement has a description specifying what exactly needs to be done to unlock it.
Are there any restrictions for unlocking achievements?
No, if you have an EXMO account, you can unlock any achievement by completing a specific task.
Where can I see my achievements?
You can find and view the entire collection of achievements in the “Achievements” section on the EXMO website and by accessing the “More” tab in our mobile apps for Android and iOS.
What is inside a merch pack?
A merch pack is a set of EXMO branded items. It includes a T-shirt, hoodie, backpack, cup, power bank and a baseball cap. Product images are for illustrative purposes and items may differ slightly.
What is Premium Cashback on EXMO?
Premium Cashback offers additional discounts on EXMO trading fees. The Advanced package provides a guaranteed 53% fee discount on Taker and 86% on Maker trades and with the Professional package, you will get a 66% fee discount on Taker and 100% on Maker trades.
When will I receive an achievement?
An achievement will be unlocked within 12 hours after you complete a task.